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In fact, as we see via flashback, Jack had no idea that William was alive and/or interested in his son 8767 s life. After Randall 8767 s interest in random black people he encounters becomes evident, Jack makes a case for hiring a private investigator to find their son 8767 s birth parents. But Rebecca definitively shuts him down at every turn, and Jack goes along with it. After all, 8775 He knows everything we do, 8776 he tells his wife, whose tamped-down guilt is palpable.

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CABIN GRIEVER | Beth and William find Randall pacing and making a detailed list of reasons he 8767 s angry with his mom. 8775 Did my father know about you? 8776 he demands of his biodad, and William replies that he 8775 never got that impression. 8776

OLIVIA O-LEAVES | Inside the cabin, Kate confronts Olivia about being a jerk. But Olivia turns it into a confrontation about how Kate and the rest of the family is holding Kevin back. And then she deploys an accurate, yet devastating, truth bomb: 8775 You 8767 re scared that you 8767 ll lose all the weight 8776 and nothing will change, Olivia tells a shocked Kate. Then the actress walks away, saying that Kate doesn&rsquo t know anyone like her. (How are we interpreting that, This Is Us ers? Was Olivia large earlier in her life? Her discussion of the fear behind Kate 8767 s decision to lose weight seemed a little first-person-ish, no? Or was that just a reference to Olivia 8767 s scary feelings about Kevin? Log your theories in the comments.)

But ShroomJack points out that everything Rebecca ever did was in service of her family 8767 s safety. And we watch Rebecca confide in Jack that she 8767 s worried that Randall 8767 s birth family might try to take him away after all, they never legally relinquished their rights to their son, they just left him at a fire station.

Kate calls Toby to vent her frustration, but he has one question: 8775 Are we stil broken up? 8776 When she replies in the affirmative, he says he 8767 s gotta go. 8775 I can 8767 t be this person for you anymore, Kate. I 8767 m sorry. Goodbye. 8776

Not long after the Pearsons 8767 arrival, Olivia shows up with Sloane, playwright of Kevin and Olivia 8767 s upcoming production, and some man-bun named Asher. Turns out, Kev invited his maybe-kinda girlfriend, and she brought them. Kate is not a fan. 8775 This guy is wearing suspenders over a thermal. What is that? 8776 she says, and Kevin makes the whole thing worse by referring to the dude as 8775 authentic. 8776

Under Madalena and Wormwood''s spell, the zombie army revolts against Galavant. Meanwhile, Richard goes after Wormwood. Elsewhere, Gareth tries to reason with Madalena, but she is driven to learn how.

Later, when the drugs wear off, Randall 8767 s anger has calmed a tad enough for him to visit Rebecca and say, 8775 You kept that secret for 86 years. That must 8767 ve been incredibly lonely. 8776 She instantly begins to sob. Thinking this is the start of a reconciliation, she reaches for him, but he pulls back. 8775 No, not yet, 8776 he says flatly. 8775 I 8767 ll see you at Christmas. 8776 Then he walks away. Oof.

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