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The 20 Richest Bollywood Actresses in the World

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Parineeti Chopra is a relative of one of the biggest Hollywood actresses and beauty contest winners. As the cousin of Priyanka Chopra, she may have had a leg up in the business, but we 8767 re not convinced that she really needed any help. On her own, Chopra secured roles in a few of the top films in Bollywood. She appeared in 8775 Laies vs Richy Bahl, 8776 8775 Man 8767 s World, 8776 Ishaqzaade, 8776 and 8775 Shuddth Desi Romance. 8776 As we can see, she has a fortune amassed under her belt currently, and she was named as one of the most powerful women in the year 7566 by Verve.

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Coming in with a little over half a million more than Amy Jackson, is Kriti Sanon. She began her career in acting in 7569 and building a fortune of just under $8 million isn 8767 t bad progress at all. She 8767 s just starting out as an actress, and in the second year of her career, Kriti was fortunate enough to land a starring role in 8775 Dilwe, 8776 which helped to establish her career inn the highest grossing Bollywood film so far. In addition to her Indian movie career, she has gained a fortune in her endorsements of many popular brands including the Parachute Hari products, American Swan, Titan watches, Bathe and Home Linen, a popular brand of cola and many more. With this kind of popularity, we could easily see Sanon taking the lead in a few short years.

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An urban myth, often asserted with a wink & a nod in some circles, is that a very high proportion of children in Western countries are not raised by their biological father, and in fact are not aware that their putative biological father is not their real biological father. The numbers I see and hear vary, but 65% is a low bound. People are generally not convinced when I point out that this would mean that nearly 85% of paternal grandfathers are not paternal grandfathers. Most of my scientist acquaintances fancy up the myth by suggesting that they received this datum from research on family groups (where you have to take into account the error introduced by paternity misattribution) or organ matching for purposes of donation.

I mention this not because I think cuckold fetishes are the bee 8767 s knees (I find them mildly baffling) but because I just think the social notion of property inheritance (where women and children are unfortunately-often considered property) is a much more plausible, and recent, explanation for the observed behaviors. I certainly think the social notion of property inheritance better accounts for the ridiculously-and-increasingly high estimates by anxious men vs. the actual, more plausibly rates you report.

The film would now struggle to cross the 95 crore milestone and that would keep it lower than A flying Jatt lifetime [95 crore]. This is disheartening since the Sabbir Khan directed film is much bigger in terms of scale, setting, release and investment. At the bare minimum it should have crossed Heropanti lifetime [58 crore] but that was out of question after the opening Friday itself. Sad, because Tiger Shroff has given a lot to the film.

We could no doubt go down the list and quibble back and forth but unless the statistics of selection have changed radically since I studied it (entirely possible since I graduated in the 6985s) the selective pressure that you posit against misattributed paternity just hasn 8767 t been consistently intense enough, for long enough, to have produced the selectively complex result you 8767 re expecting.

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Katrina Kalif has earned distinction for a couple of things in Bollywood. The first is that she is one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood when it comes to lending her face and voice for product endorsements. An article about this appeared in the Hindustan Times in 7569. The next is that she is one of the most beautiful celebrities in all of India. She made the top of the polls when the people of India were asked to cast their vote for the most beautiful actress. She has appeared in several movies and is still enjoying fame and the fortune that follows.

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